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There is simply no limit to how we can help your practice stay profitable!

iDental Credential can assist your practice from start up and improve established business' that have been operational for many years. We can simplify the process of credentialing you and your associates with the varied dental networks, while doing this we will make your transition seamless! iDental Credential is proud to offer our extensive experience in the dental field. This is why you deserve to partner with us. Let us help you with your practice credentialing needs today, contact us for a free consultation.

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iDental Credential is a bilingual family owned and operated business with over 20 years combined experience in the dental industry. Our mission is to succeed in finding ways to enhance the credentialing process with our state of the art exclusive software. The value of iDental Credential will save practices endless time and money. By partnering with us you will have a team of professional consultants knowledgeable and competent in front office to managerial levels.


What We Do

iDental Credential will assist you in becoming more profitable by simplifying the process of Credentialing for you and your associates with the varied dental networks. Our goal is to make the Credentialing process seamless for all of our providers. We have extensive experience assisting both Startup and Established Practices attain these goals.

We will improve the quality of your experience with the credentialing process with our state of the art and exclusive software. The value of iDental Credential in the endless time, money, and headaches you and your staff will save.

Let us help you increase your profits Today!

If you would like to know more please contact us for a free consultation, let iDental Credential assist your office in becoming as profitable as possible.

Who We Are

iDental Credential is a family-owned and operated business with over 20 years of combined experience in the Dental and Credentialing industries. By partnering with us you will have a team of professional consultants who are not only knowledgeable and competent in all office administrative positions (Dental Front Office through Managerial Levels) but are bilingual as well.

We firmly believe that you deserve the highest quality customer service and an unmatched level of professionalism, This is why you deserve to partner with iDental Credential.

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Above all, iDental Credential is really all about productivity. We are thrilled with the results and relationship we have built with Melanie and will continue to rely on her incredible knowledge base and effective advocacy for our practice in the future.

Credentialing and negotiating with insurance companies can be an extreme drain on productivity for front office staff. We sought out several options for outsourcing this necessary but laborious pursuit, and immediately upon interacting with Melanie at iDental Credential, we were impressed with her breadth of experience, her keen awareness of the challenges and limitations of a real-world dental office, and the simplicity of her proposals. We appreciate the fact that she bases her flat fee structure on a per-insurer basis and does not operate like a subscription service - the very structure itself places the onus of maximizing time on her, not on an office "retaining" her availability perpetually. Melanie has negotiated significant increases in fee schedules for multiple insurance providers for us, and she has executed each negotiation incredibly quickly and efficiently. The savings of administrative time and effort coupled with the fantastic bump in reimbursement for our services have paid for Melanie's services many times over. She and her work are one of the wisest investments we have made from a practice operations standpoint.

Benjamin D. Drechsler, DMD Restoration Dentistry Greer, South Carolina

Mrs. Melanie Aranda did an excellent job with the credentialing process for my brand new dental practice. She was very professional and very knowledgeable. She was guiding me and giving me advice during the process. Melanie took all the steps from analyzing the location of my practice and emphasizing the level of my training to be able to negotiate the best prices. I highly recommend her services.

Elizabeta Cokovska, DMD Prosthodontist , Ms Orlando Fl

Melanie is amazing at what she does! She has been instrumental in helping us negotiate better fees with multiple insurance companies which is great for our bottom line! She is very professional and her customer service is top-notch! I would highly recommend her!

Dr. Peter M.

"Great experience"

I have had a great experience with iDental Credential! Melanie is easy to work with whether it is responding quickly to my questions or concerns, coming up with solutions, etc. The best part is they deal with dental insurance companies!

Misty Roseff Pediatric Dentistry

When I decided to open my practice, I had not realized how much of a daunting task credentialing with insurances would be. I found myself quickly needing expert help. iDental Credential made this process a smooth one by taking charge of the credentialing process and being readily available to answer my questions. Melanie is very knowledgeable, professional, and easily accessible. She has been keeping me informed throughout the process. Thanks to iDental Credential my credentialing process is moving along smoothly, and I can focus on other aspects of my practice.

Dr. Aurelio B.

This company has been so helpful as a representative of our office to the insurance companies. She has been able to get our fee schedule adjusted so that we are getting more money from the insurance claims. She is willing to call the insurance company with any problem. She is extremely helpful

Dr. Matthew H.

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